About the Holding Institute

The Holding Institute Inc. is a 501(c)3 community center in Laredo, Texas, currently run by a Methodist Pastor lovingly known as “Pastor Mike”. Founded in 1880 to teach English to Mexican children, it has a long history of serving the needs of new refugee arrivals and neighbors in the Laredo area. Today, of the over 450,000 refugees that have been detained at the US-Mexico border so far this year, 38% have come through Laredo. And when they are released from detention, Holding is the only respite center on the map refugees are provided that takes in families. This reality has presented the Holding Institute with a significant challenge. Yet they somehow manage to provide hundreds of families each week with shelter, 2 meals/day and other very basic needs – even on their shoestring budget.

In addition to meeting the most urgent needs, they also collaborate with community partners in the surrounding area to offer the following physical, behavioral, spiritual, social, cultural and educational resources:


  • GED Classes
  • College/Vocational school guidance
  • ESL Classes
  • Citizenship guidance
  • Life-skills workshop
  • Peer tutoring center


  • Community Garden
  • Health and Nutrition classes
  • Nurse visits
  • Preventative health care
  • Spiritual health assistance
  • Social health assistance

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