The Road to Refugee Relief: U.S./Mexico Border

URGENT refugee NEED at the Border


The Edwards family will be​ heading down to the US-Mexico Border this summer to help meet the most urgent needs of refugee families who have fled their homes, trekking as far as 8000 miles from Honduras, Venezuela and even the Congo. With their kids in tow, over 450,000 refugees so far this year have crossed desserts, rivers, and jungles driven by fear, hunger and desperation and ended up in an ICE Detention Center on the Southern US border (38% of them come through Laredo, Texas). For them, however dangerous the journey, it’s simply less treacherous than staying where they are.  These families are fueled by a common goal – to give their kids the chance at a better life – one just like ours

(Photo cred: Vox)

Against a crisis of such magnitude, like many of you, we’ve had to ask ourselves – what can we possibly do? And as we did so, our family came back to a simple message scripted in Matthew: 25 thousands of years ago:

“For I was an hungred and you gave me meat. I was thirsty and ye gave me drink. I was a stranger and you took me in. Naked and you clothed me. I was sick and you visited me. I was in prison and ye came unto me.” 

This simple message reminds us that, while crises provide fertile soil for big changes, more often than not, those changes happen one person at a time – and look a lot like someone reaching out to a fellow traveler in need and simply sharing what they’ve got.   

 The Holding Institute in Laredo Texas, run by “Pastor Mike” (Smith) is delivering on this principle every single day.  Holding is the only “respite center” on the map that refugees receive when they are released from the ICE Detention Center that takes families.  Mike operates literally on a shoe string, lovingly albeit desperately trying to provide the most basic necessities to these “huddled masses” – a place to sleep, two meals a day, a pair of fresh underwear, a hygiene kit, socks and shoes.  


Pastor Mike (left), Mexican Consul Carolina Zaragoza (center), Board chair Jaime Arizpe



A typical night at the Holding Institute overflowing with cots

So today, in honor of Matthew’s challenge and World Refugee Week, we announce Project M25: The Road to Refugee Relief.

Our goal is to CROWDFUND $25,000 to give these families:

• Food: Two meals/day for 6 months ($2,500/month = $15,000)

• Clothing: Shoes, socks and underwear (2,500 pairs of underwear, 2,500 pairs of socks and 250 pairs of shoes)


We hope you will join us! Here’s how you can help:

 Make a monthly donation of $100/month for 6 months and feed 300 refugees 

• Make a one-time donation ​in any amount ​(every $100 feeds 50 refugees)

• Follow and share our Facebook page

We will purchase the items while we are in Laredo, then share stories and pictures so you can see the fruits of your generosity. 

As always, 100% of your donation will go directly to the refugees at the border and is tax deductible.

Help the refugees at the U.S./Mexico border TODAY! 

OR, feel free to write a check to “Holding Institute” and send it to: c/o The Edwards Family, 94 Golden Run Rd. Bolton MA 01740